We are writing you about the updating of webhosting control panel.

As you are all aware the owners of "cPanel" (that webhosting control panel that is provided to you to manager your hosting account) are in process of sudden price increase of its software. cPanel is a software that is available on monthly lease. Till now the total price of such panel is around 30 USD to hosting unlimited hosting accounts. The new price is coming as $45 per month, that can be afford but the other problem is in this price we can host only 100 website in 1 server. As you are aware on each shared hosting server we hosting 1000+ websites. So for each additional site after 100 sites, they will charge 0.20$ per month. That means we need to pay USD 235 per month for each server that having 1000 sites. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

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